Activities in Dead Sea Region and Staying at Dead Sea Hotels

Activities in Dead Sea Region and Staying at Dead Sea Hotel

Dead Sea Hotel

Visiting the Dead Sea Region is very much entertaining and amusing especially if you have witnessed the beauty of the famous Dead Sea. There are numerous activities that you can do in the Dead Sea Region aside from dipping your body to the healing waters of the Dead Sea. If you want to know which activities are best for you, come and hop along as we bring you the best of Dead Sea Region.

Dead Sea Region had lots of entertaining and mysterious place to discover. One of these mysterious places is the famous Herod’s Northern Palace. Herod or locally known as Herod the Great during the times have established and built numbers of palaces for himself. One that you can see in the Northern part of the Dead Sea Region is one of the palaces built by Herod for his family. Although Herod the Great was known to have killed his own family and many rabbis, he was still considered “The Great” by the people as he have built colossal buildings which you can still see today. Dead Sea Hotel are nearby to these palaces that Herod had built. Dead Sea Hotel are very much comfortable than any other hotel in Jordan and Israel. You can stay and rest as you prepare for you next tour in the Dead Sea Region.

Dead Sea Hotel: Dead Sea Region

Herod had built numbers of palaces and you can also see the one he had built in the western area of the Dead Sea Region. Those palaces are built by thousands of laborers and slaves during the reign of Herod the Great. The legacy of Herod can also be found and read in the Gospel according to Matthew.

You can also visit other attractions such as the beautiful Mineral Beach of Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is a spectacular view but there is wildlife that is living beside the Sea. They would seem like metallic butterflies, bugs, and creatures. You might mistake them to a metal but creatures living near the Dead Sea are like in a gargoyle type of state. These creatures have been living near the Dead Sea for thousands of years and they already look into something different. This is perfect subject for pictures and shots. After you have enjoyed the beautiful places and activities in the Dead Sea, you can rest at the nearby Dead Sea Hotel nearby.

Dead Sea Hotel: caverns of Qumran

Next place to visit is the amusing and mysterious caverns of Qumran. Qumran Caves are one of the most famous caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. The Dead Sea Scrolls were the oldest manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible that were discovered during the 1947 and 1956. These discoveries were one of the most treasured achievements in the history. You can visit the Israel Museum to take a good look at the Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered. There are also Dead Sea Hotel located near the Israel Museum to provide you with the best accommodations and services that you need during your travels to the Dead Sea Region. Have a good rest at Dead Sea Hotel and enjoy your trip.

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