The Dead Sea Scrolls and Getting to Dead Sea Hotel

The Dead Sea Scrolls and Getting to Dead Sea Hotel

Dead Sea Hotel

The Dead Sea Scrolls is one of the most important artifacts that are relatively connected to the Bible. There are scrolls that aged about a thousand years ago. These scrolls were discovered in the eleven caves that lie along the northwest shore of the Dead Sea. These scrolls are mostly fragmented text and are numbered according to the cave which they came out from. These scripts greatly clarified events and phenomena in the Bible and in the entire history. Tourists can visit these caves in guided tours that can be arranged in Jordan or in Israel tours. There are also Dead Sea Hotel that you can find just a couple of minutes travel from these caves to be sure you have a place to stay.

Dead Sea Hotel: biblical facts

Although the scrolls contain biblical facts in their manuscripts, there are also non-biblical writings that are found in the scrolls which depict the type of government, commentaries, psalms, compositions, war conduct, and other sapiential writings that are found in the scrolls. Today, these scrolls are now held intact at the Israel Museum that can be seen by thousands of tourists. You can locate Dead Sea Hotel near the Israel Museum if you want to have a great place to stay during your tours to the Dead Sea Region.

The total number of scrolls found was about 825 to 870 separated scrolls. All was separated in two categories; the biblical and non-biblical. Most of the scripts that can be found in the scrolls were part of the Old Testament which was fragments of the every book of the Hebrew canon. There are prophecies of Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Daniel is found in the scrolls which were not written in the Bible. Although the scrolls are found in 11 caves, both 1 and 11 caves contained intact scrolls. The rest was scattered in pieces which gave a hard time to scholars to look for and decipher. The scholars believe that these scrolls we’re taken from the library of the Jewish sect and were hidden away to these caves during the first Jewish Revolt which took place around 66-70 A.D. Getting to these caves is difficult and must have a group tour to examine and take a look at

Dead Sea Hotel: guided tours

the ancient landscape. Some Dead Sea Hotel offers guided tours to these caves with proper arrangements from the guests who want to visit the caves. Staffs services at Dead Sea Hotel are excellent and very reliable. You can easily get a group tour and transportation as you book in at Dead Sea Hotel nearby.

The scrolls teach us the history of both Judaism and Christianity, their teachings and culture. There are certain amounts of facts that lead them to further information about Jesus and how Christianity rooted from Judaism. Scholars and scientists believe that there is an evolutionary link between these two religions that we have today.

There are still missing links that scientists and scholars are trying to find. Although these scrolls are just a portion of the real thing, it is still good to know that there are artifacts that proves the existence of these events.

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