Dead Sea Sports Events and Staying at Dead Sea Hotel

Dead Sea Sports Events and Staying at Dead Sea Hotel

Dead Sea Hotel

If you’re thinking about going to the Dead Sea to enjoy the summer, you won’t be disappointed as Dead Sea events aren’t that dead as it sounds. There are numbers of exciting activities that are being held at Dead Sea for tourists to enjoy and have fun. Sports events are also several. You will not only visit one of the most astounding wonders of the world but you also get to have fun around the place. Tag along and let’s enjoy Dead Sea tours.

Dead Sea Hotel: cycle race

The annual Tour de Dead Sea event is a cycle race that will take place along the contours of the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. Every 28th of November, cyclists and their families are gathered in the front of the Dead Sea. The cycle race will be organized by the Tamar and Megillot Regional Councils. The purpose of the race is to raise the awareness of the people, especially tourists and travelers, about the environment and the uniqueness of the Dead Sea. Cyclist can choose their routes. There are three routes available. All of which projects a wonderful desert sceneries that you would appreciate. The event is definitely exhausting but it is very rewarding to see the wonderful sights of the Dead Sea up-close. After the event, you can head straight to the nearby Dead Sea Hotel that will provide you with the comfort and services that you need after a tiring sport event. Dead Sea Hotel are one of the most visited hotel in the Dead Sea Region between Jordan and Israel. Dead Sea hotel have very comfortable accommodations and entertaining place as well.

Dead Sea Hotel: Veolia Desert

Another event that will surely keep you interested is the Veolia Desert Challenge. The Veolia Desert Challenge is held every 5th of December which includes numbers of challenges for locals and tourists to participate. You can participate to the night race to the desert with beautiful view of the desert scenery under the moonlit night. This race is about 30 kilometer long race. There are also other races that this challenge offers. If you prefer not to go by foot, you can choose the biking race for about 75 kilometers long. It is very exhausting that’s why there are numbers of Dead Sea Hotel nearby where you can rest after the tiring event. There are still other events that are perfect for the entire family. There’s an available sporting festival at the Ein Bokek solarium that is with free activities, exhibitions, and free entrance. After your entertaining visit and participation to these events, you can head straight with your family to many Dead Sea Hotel nearby. Dead Sea Hotel welcomes travelers from single, double, and even family bookings. The hotel has full facilities and equipments that are necessary to provide you with the best quality of service that you need. They also have internet connection with Wi-Fi, entertainment rooms, and quality and luxurious dining rooms provided for your wonderful and comfortable stay. Enjoy the rest of Dead Sea and stay at their wonderful Dead Sea Hotel.

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